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Rep-Clinician relationship: personal engagement remains essential, clinical & analytical come on top

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

In today's Rep-Clinician relationship, personal engagement remains essential; clinical and analytical capabilities come on top


The nature of the Sales Rep - Clinician relationship has evolved dramatically.

The digital revolution has provided a profusion of available and relevant information to act on, both for clinicians and for the industry. Life Science companies have no alternative but to mine, link and position various data sets for commercial success.

Clinically driven roles such as Medical Science Liaison are now common place. They are complimentary to sales reps as they use medical education and peer-to-peer relationship to discuss future treatments before approval, while solution selling is progressing.

Clinicians now enjoy (or not) a proliferation of alternative channels through which to interact with and consume product and disease information.

The autonomy of clinicians has gone down, while payers and budget holders have gained in influence.

However, the fundamentals of building a strong relationship, listening to identify critical needs and address them remain essential.

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