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Grow your business profitably

BlueJet Consulting Interventions focus on Commercial Maximization, from portfolio optimization, launch and expansion to end of product life cycle.
Our goal is to help our customers increasing sales by maximizing sales return and reducing cost by optimizing commercial resources and capabilities.

See how Bio-pharma and MedTech companies have benefited from BlueJet Consulting expertise:

- Reduced time to market

- Faster sales ramp up

- Resource optimization

- Increased productivity


Reduced Time To Market

For this one-billion dollar MedTech, we have run commercial due diligence, supported business valuation, helped design and implement new Business Model, and supported post-merger integration. As a result, time to market for the integrated company was significantly reduced. Contact us for details and applicable learnings

Faster Sales Ram Up

For this multi-billion dollar Pharma company, our team members have supported business model transformation toward specialty care, defined a launch readiness and launch execution framework, and deployed it on key geographies. As a result, launch ramp of new specialty portfolio was accelerated, while established brands continued delivering profitable sales. Contact us for additional details and see what learnings are applicable to your business.

Business Partners at Work

Optimized Resources

For this multi-national Pharma company, we have developed a fact-based resource allocation methodology, combining stakeholder mapping, customer valuation, market concentration and response to promotion. As a result, right-sizing and capability requirement was identified for country commercial teams. Contact us for additional details, and see how commercial resources could be optimized for your business.

Increased Productivity

We have helped this global MedTech company define commercial productivity base-line and improvement target both at individual and country level. Following definition of a common set of leading and lagging indicators, a consistent performance review cascade was implemented from individual sales representative to CEO, leading to significant productivity gains and accelerated sales growth. Contact us for additional details and see what measures could increase commercial productivity for your company

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