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Pharma and MedTech must anticipate the post-COVID-19 new normal

Mass-diagnostics, ambulatory procedures, telehealth, web-visits... The COVID-19 outbreak has forced healthcare systems, Pharma and MedTech companies to quickly adapt. But many of the changes we have just been through will become the new norm, because they make sense, are cost-effective, or because there will be no viable alternative.

Patients, health professionals and payers are all benefiting from telehealth, which has exploded in just a few weeks.

Move from hospital to ambulatory procedure will continue accelerating, for Cardiac, Orthopedics, or Oncology.

Urgent need for quick, reliable mass-diagnostic for Covid creates a market opportunity that many companies will grab.

Web-visits will be the new norm. Pharma and MedTech need to quickly adapt their go-to-market accordingly.

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