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MIT AI-designed Antibiotic does not develop resistance

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Fighting coming tsunami of antibiotic resistance that could cause millions of deaths, MIT team uses AI to design Halicin, a novel antibiotic which does not develop resistance, and 23 additional candidates.


The Antibiotic market is broken. Old, cheap antibiotics hide the true cost of resistance. Innovative pricing, health economics evidence and companion diagnostics can re-start the innovation engine.

Drug-resistant infections are unfortunately becoming the norm. Excessive antibiotic use has resulted in the tsunami of multi-drug resistant bacteria. According to the World Health Organization drug-resistant bacterial, viral and fungal infections already kill 700,000 people yearly. According to the World bank, and unless action is taken, antimicrobial resistance could cause 10 million deaths annually by 2050.

While researchers have previously used machine learning algorithms to identify identified drug resistance genes in new strains of bacteria or used it to hunt for resistance genes, researchers at MIT have now employed machine learning to identify a new antibiotic compound that does not develop resistance.

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