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6 success factors for achieving post-M&A cross-selling synergies

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Post-M&A, achieving cross-selling synergies requires sales teams Complementarity, Connection, Capacity, Capability, Compensation and Commitment.


75 M&A executives with significant cross-selling experience were surveyed to answer the question: How can companies be successful in achieving cross-selling synergies ?

Six core dimensions were identified as essential to capture the opportunity:

Complementarity: How well do the companies’ offer complement each other: same accounts, complementary products and services ?

Connection. Are there strong existing customer relationships that teams can build on?

Capacity. Do sales teams have the capacity and mandate to focus on cross-selling?

Capability. Do sales teams have the ability and skills for cross-selling?

Compensation. Are the right incentives for cross-selling provided by the company ?

Commitment. How strong is the company commitment to cross-selling ?

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